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Hello everyone!

My name is Mel, welcome to my site!

I’m from Sydney, Australia and I am a mother of one (so far).

When I’m not busy working as a nurse, I am busy parenting my toddler, or have my head in a good book… My hobbies have dwindled and changed a lot since having my son… Other hobbies of mine include music, meditation (not as much now I have a toddler unfortunately) and writing, but reading remains my main escape.

I have always had a hard time remembering all the books that I have read. So I started reviewing them. I find its a great way to remember them and I LOVE it when someone reads and likes a book based on my review! “So why not start a blog?” A friend asked me… Great idea! So here we are!

I love and read all kinds of books, anything from thrillers to fantasy, to young adult. I love a good book with a good setting, excitement, suspense and LOVE to be surprised with a massive twist! I also love a good romance book! But not the obsessive, violent type of romance…

There are (or will be when I get it up and running), three sections of this site. The first, most predominant section is book reviews, the second is stuff on parenting, and the other is general life stuff. I was originally considering putting them into totally different sites, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

Don’t be a stranger! I would love to hear from you! Click HERE to contact me, or leave a comment 🙂



I am ALWAYS honest with my reviews. If I post a negative review of a book that you disagree with, I am always up for a good conversation about it. However I will not publish or acknowledge insulting comments from people because they disagree with my review, or wish to personally attack me.

I am NOT a professional. I am no English professor, I pretty much flunked English at school… I also write these reviews in between work shifts and parenting… Although I try to ensure my grammar and spelling is correct, I MAKE MISTAKES! If you spot one and want to NICELY inform me of it, I thank you. If you want to comment and insult my intelligence because of one word I misspelled or misused, I will gladly leave it there just to annoy you.

I happily take review requests if I have the time! Click HERE to see my review policy.




    1. Thanks lovely!!
      Gotta fill it with content now!! 🙂
      Yes I loved it! But I love all his stuff!! I reviewed it on goodreads but haven’t posted the review here yet 🙂
      Here is the mini review here 🙂

  1. Love your blog! I wouldn’t know where to start. Well done, I’ll subscribe do I don’t miss anything we are local too!

    1. Thanks Suzanne!
      I’m only just configuring the subscribe function so if it doesn’t work I apologise!
      Take care, talk to you soon! 🙂

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