Black Hills – Nora Roberts (Review)

black hills

4 Stars (4 / 5)

I thought this book was great.

Predominately a romance novel, Lil and Cooper are introduced as children, and fall in love as young adults. Driven away from each other, they lead separate lives until a serial killer brings them back together.

The romance between them is lovely, and there are great moments of suspense and mystery, but I guess like any good Nora Roberts book, it’s all about the love..

A few things made this a 4 and not 5 star book for me. It was just a little too drawn out. Most of the book was just waiting for them to get together, which you (and they) knew was going to happen. I know that’s what romance books do… But the tension kinda floated away when they acknowledged their feelings towards each other. Then nothing happens. It was very anticlimactic in that way, a lot of it was unnecessary.
I did like the history of the relationship though, from hanging out together as children, to young adults, to finally seeing each other again 12 years after they separated.

We find out quite early in the book who the killer is, and I think it took away the majority of the suspense. For me I love a good suspense book with a surprise twist. Something that keeps you guessing. Who could it be? Is it this person? Was it that person? There was none of this after the first half of the book, and after you find out who it is, you feel totally underwhelmed. However I felt this was saved by the ending suspense scenes, where it became quite enjoyable again.

I loved the wildlife reserve setting, loved the big cats. I thought this was an awesome aspect of the book.

The secondary love story I found a bit bland, but I love that Nora loves the love!! It just took up a chunk of space that I felt could have been completely cut out, and saved me precious reading time.

However, even though these criticisms may seems quite large, as I was reading it I didn’t think so at all. I really enjoyed this book overall.


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  1. Thank you Mel for your excellent review on Black Hills. I have read a few of Nora Roberts novels and I now look forward to reading this one.

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