Charlie Chick Wants to Play – Ant Parker and Nick Denchfield

Charlie Chick Wants to Play (Charlie Chick Series) – Ant Parker and Nick Denchfield


Charlie Chick Wants to Play

5 Stars (5 / 5)

Oh that Charlie Chick! How cute he is! What is it about pull the flap books that toddlers and young children love? I remember back to my childhood, I loved all the Spot and other pull the flap books. Even though I knew what was behind those pieces of cardboard, it still made me so excited to look underneath them. Oh to be young again! I’m afraid I don’t quite get that excitement anymore. Thankfully my son does!

Charlie Chick Wants to Play in this instalment of the Charlie Chick series. However, his ball is missing! “OH NO” my son exclaims! He has to go and find it, and meets some friends along the way.

Even though my son is 3 and a half. He still loves this book. Full of animals, colours, and a fun adventure for little Charlie Chick, he loves reading it. I have found him numerous times reading it to himself (he has memorised most of the words, it’s very cute!), and he always has a lot of fun pulling the flaOliver Charlie Chickps. I am surprised that it has not been destroyed yet.

Would We Recommend “Charlie Chick Wants to Play”?

Yes, its an extremely cute, short and fun read, especially for the very little ones!

Thanks to Pan Macmillan Aus for sending us Charlie Chick Wants to Play. As you can see, it is much loved! Although now has drool stains!

It is available for purchase at Pan Macmillan HERE or check your local bookstore.

About the Authors:

Nick Denchfield is a talented paper engineer who creates fabulously intricate pop-up books. His work is admired for its wit, invention and ingenuity. Nick is the creator of the staggeringly successful series, illustrated by Anne Sharp, which includes DINOSAUR PARK and MAGICAL BEASTS. He lives near Reading with his family.


Ant Parker studied Visual Communications at Bath Academy of Art where he learnt about etching, drawing, bookbinding and animation. He then spent ten years doing editorial illustrations as well as making fish in boxes, teaching bookbinding, and gardening before beginning to illustrate children’s books. Ant lives in South London during the week and in Sussex at the weekend.

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