Dinosaur Boo The Deinonychus – Jeanne Willis

Dinosaur Boo The Deinonychus (The World of Dinosaur Roar Book #2) – Jeanne Willis

Dinosaur Boo

5 Stars (5 / 5)

As I have mentioned before, my son is a dinosaur freak! He is also crazy about books, so no surprises that this one is extremely popular and well read!

Dinosaur Boo is a mischievous little rascal, scaring the other dinosaurs in the land of Dinosaur Roar! He goes around yelling “Boo!!!” at everyone, until he finally meets his match.

Do we recommend Dinosaur Boo?

Oh yes indeed we do! This is my 3 year old son’s absolute favourite book in the World of Dinosaur Roar series so far. And depending on the day, is his FAVOURITE book! He LOVES to (loudly) yell out “BOO!!” whenever Dinosaur Boo does, and gets extremely upset if I don’t read it to him again, and again and again. I have hidden it from him a few times when we have read it 50 times that day!

I think its absolutely fantastic. The story is really cute and I love the rhyming, and the illustrations are vibrant and colourful. Like the others, it contains a page at the end full of dinosaur facts, this one is on the deinonychus. This series is a great way to introduce dinosaurs to kids, or in our case to learn specific facts about dinosaurs that my son already knows about. Or to dinosaur novice parents, introduce the dinosaur, and it thankfully includes a handy section on how to pronounce it to your child 🙂

Many thanks to the author via Pan Macmillan for a copy of Dinosaur Boo for us to enjoy together, which has already been read at least 100 times! At least!

You can order your copy HERE  at the Pan Macmillan Australia site, or check out your local bookstore.


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