Fortune’s Pawn – Rachel Bach

Fortune's Pawn

5 Stars (5 / 5)

I really should read more sci-fi. I really enjoy it! And Fortune’s Pawn… HOLY MACARONI!!! What a FANTASTIC book! WARNING – ENTHUSIASTIC RANT AHEAD!

Meet Devi! Our smart, strong and BUTT KICKING heroine. Devi is an armoured soldier and leaves her prestigious position to take a security job on the Glorious Fool, a trade ship. For some reason security personnel that serve on this ship tend to do well for themselves, and she is determined to be a devastator – an elite type of armed guard that protect the king himself . The highest position that an armoured guard can get to. And Devi is ambitious. On the Glorious Fool the people she encounters are not what they seem. The Captain is something more than a trader, his daughter is more than a little girl, and the cook is more than a cook. But she has no idea what their secrets are. And she is going to find out and use the information to become a devastator. If she doesn’t die first.

This book was fantastic! My synopsis doesn’t do it justice! Think Firefly, crossed with Battlestar Galactica. It was AMAZING! Mystery, violence, sexual tension, thrills, comedy, aliens, space travel… And this is just the first book!

And the audio book! WOW! Think I have a new favourite. I couldn’t stop listening! I loved every minute of it! Emily Durante did such a fantastic job as the sarcastic mercenary!

Devi is an awesome character. Yes it has a little clichéd powerful Buffy/Alien type thing going on, but I love reading about the awesome strong female character. I loved the dialogue, the fact that she drunk way too much and made mistakes and wasn’t perfect. She is the best female lead character I have read about in a long time!

The romance was fabulous! I have read a few reviews complaining about the large romantic aspect of this novel, but I think it absolutely made it! It still would have been interesting without it, but added an extra dimension that I loved. Plus, I love a good dose of romance and sex in a book!

Another star of the book was Devi’s armoured suit “Lady”. It was almost a character itself. I thought it was so clever and I loved that it was like an extension of her body.

Oh I just loved this book! I’m already into the second!

Would I recommend it?

Yes! For any science fiction fan, and also for sci-fi newbies! Those who want a good, easy to read, fabulous story! And I absolutely recommend the audio version, which is the best one I have listened to so far!

“But fair warning, being drunk doesn’t slow down my head shots.”





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  1. Awesome review and love the energy, im definitely a sci-fi junkie and after this energetic rant im adding this book to my reading list asap, keep up the good work

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