Kakadu Sunset – Annie Seaton

Kakadu Sunset

5 Stars (5 / 5)

I am such a sucker for romantic suspense!!! I just LOVE how the tension and danger of the situation enables the romance to blossom in such a passionate way! Kakadu Sunset is the prime example of a FABULOUS romantic suspense! I absolutely loved it!

Ellie is a helicopter pilot in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. She grew up in Kakadu but following her fathers suicide, her remaining family have all moved away. Flying over the old family farmhouse, she notices that there is some excavation happening on the property. Concerned because Kakadu is a national park and mining is not allowed, she decides to investigate. She soon realises that there are some powerful people who will stop at nothing to keep the work secret. Adding to this, she also has a new co worker Kane, who happens to be the step son of the new owner of the farm. As sparks begin to fly between them, she needs to know if she can trust him. What exactly is going on at the old farm? And was her father’s death really a suicide after all?

I thought this book was fantastic! I loved the premise of the book! I haven’t read many books where the main character was a helicopter pilot, let alone a female helicopter pilot. I thought it was really original and I loved reading about her flying high above Kakadu, I was imagining what the sites would be like! I have never been to Kakadu National Park, but it is on my bucket list – higher on the list now after reading this book! Do yourself a favour and Google some images of Kakadu as you read this to get an even better idea of the beauty of the landscape!

I thought the characters were all fantastic! Ellie was strong, smart and independent. I loved the passion that she has for Kakadu. I thought Kane was fabulous, with his troubled past… The tension between them was lovely and believable.

It had everything I love reading about, all rolled into one fabulous book! Suspense, drama, romantic tension, a great plot, a bit of heat, a bit of violence, and CROCODILES!!!

I was actually surprised by how suspenseful it was, especially towards the end. A lot of the time I find romantic suspense books tend to focus more on the relationship between the characters, rather than actually developing a compelling suspense plot, but Kakadu Sunset does both! It had me on the edge of my seat! I stayed up till 3am finishing it because I couldn’t stop reading!

So glad to have found another fabulous Aussie author! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kakadu Sunset for any fans of romantic suspense and gorgeous Aussie settings!

Many thanks to the publisher Pan Macmillan for an advanced copy of Kakadu Sunset to read in exchange for my honest review.

Release Date: 22nd December, 2015

Thanks to the wonderful team at Pan Macmillan, I have a copy of Kakadu Sunset to give away! Open to Australian Residents Only.




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