Melophobia – James Morris



4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Wow! Great book! James Morris does it again with another captivating YA novel that is sure to get people reading!!

Melophobia is set in an alternative, dystopian America, where somewhere along the way all music became outlawed. The government is in control of all things that can cause anarchy. The Beatles got arrested, and even listening to music became an offence punishable by harsh law. The story follows young Merrin, an undercover patrol officer, who spends her days (and nights) busting underground raves, parties and concerts – To rid the world of music once and for all. She is tasked with finding “The Source”, a musician who is talented in all genres of music, and distributes it to his followers. Merrin goes deep undercover to find “The Source”, but begins to question everything in her life as she begins to fall in love with the music, and the man behind it.

First of all, LOVE the cover! Simple yet gets the point across in a BIG way! I also love the title. Melophobia = Fear of music…

I REALLY enjoyed this book! Im a bit hit-and-miss with dystopian settings, but Morris’s music-free America was so well done! It was a fascinating and interestingly original setting! What a dark and dismal world it is without music! I am glad I don’t live in it!

Absolutely loved the characters! Merrin had a lot of growing to do throughout the novel, and I really liked her by the end. I enjoyed the unrequited love triangle, and Anders unhealthy almost obsession with Merrin. I loved how Merrin was the daughter of an important government figure and the back story of her mother and what happened to her absolutely made the novel for me! Loved the twists and turns! Don’t want to give anything away!

Loved the romance, it has a sexy scene that might be a bit graphic for the under 16’s, and a bit of blood and gore. But It had everything I love in a book; mystery, a great setting, bit of romance, bit of sex, bit of violence, twists and turns and was overall an extremely satisfying read!

I love how even in a book, music can be described so beautifully! I could easily resonate with the description of the music, as if I were sitting there listening to it myself. Just goes to show what a powerful thing music is and how we all take it for granted.

I enjoy YA dystopia novels because they help people understand oppression. This book is no exception. I can easily imagine this book becoming the next Hunger Games. It has the potential to be HUGE!

And what a dramatic ending!! I can’t wait for the next one! I truly hope that this book reaches the masses because it is FABULOUS!!

Big thanks to author James Morris for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.


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