The Comfort of Black – Carter Wilson

The Comfort of Black - Carter Wilson

4.25 Stars (4.25 / 5)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there have been some AWESOME thrillers released lately! Absolutely fantastic! And this one is no exception, in fact is better than most.

Hannah comes from a troubled past, and now has everything. She has a fabulous life, lots of money, and a wonderful husband. So when she hears her husband say something shocking in his sleep, she is concerned. Next thing you know her perfect world comes crashing apart when her husband tries to kidnap her. Soon she is on the run with a man named Black. A man with an equally shady past. They find themselves having to fight to survive, and discover the truth.

Really loved the premise of this book! I love how Hannah’s perfect life was a farce! How could she be with someone for so long and not know him at all! And the twists and turns were fantastic! Really enjoyed the ride. I joked with my husband that I will be watching him in his sleep!

The book was extremely well written. Totally gripping! I found it difficult to put down. I loved the action scenes! I enjoyed the violence, it was graphic, but not too much so. I enjoy a bit of blood and guts in my thrillers anyway!

I loved the characters. I enjoyed how Hannah’s character developed. I didn’t like her at all at first, but she soon grew on me. And Black, LOVED him! Loved his back story, and I really enjoyed the relationship between him and Hannah. I thought all the other characters were written fantastically. Dallin especially. His character really transformed throughout the book, and not for the better!

Extra points in my books for a bit of sex and romance. Loved the sexiness between Hannah and Black, although I feel after it was explored initially, it kinda just died away. I would have liked to see more tension, maybe have it dragged along a bit longer. However it couldn’t have really been dragged along too much due to what happens!

The story overall was predictable at times, however there were still more than a few massive surprises in there!

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! The Comfort of Black was a fantastic read! Finished it very quickly, hardly putting it down! Great book!

Thanks to Oceanview publishing via NetGalley for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review


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