The First Lie – Virginia King


(Selkie Moon Mystery #1)

The First Lie

I am so excited to be part of The First Lie blog tour! I don’t do many tours lately due to time restraints and I try to pick my tours carefully. When the opportunity to review The First Lie came around, I couldn’t resist this supernatural mystery. From the first few pages I knew I was going to LOVE it! Virginia King is another extremely talented Australian author, and has written a cracker of a book!

The First Lie Description:

Someone is trying to kill you.

When Selkie Moon flees Sydney to start over in Hawaii, it’s to live life on her own terms. But Life has other plans.

Though she tries to dismiss the warning as just another nightmare, it soon becomes apparent that someone, or something, is stalking her. Attacked by frightening visions and mysterious compulsions, she must piece together the fragmented clues before time runs out.

Virginia King effortlessly blends funky creativity and deep spirituality – with a dash of Celtic folklore – to craft a story of one woman’s fight for truth, and her discovery that the lies we tell ourselves are the most dangerous of all.


My Review of The First Lie

WOW!!! What an AWESOME book! Right from the beginning I was sucked into the story and was hooked until the very end!

Selkie leaves her emotionally abusive husband and Sydney behind to move to Hawaii to start up her own business. When she is there she begins to have visions, hears voices and music when nobody else does, and starts to believe that someone is trying to kill her. We follow Selkie through a compelling and sometimes downright creepy journey to find out not only who is out to get her, but who she really is.

I found the premise and the atmosphere of the novel to be completely original. I can honestly say that I have not read anything quite like it. It was tense, funny, creepy and exciting all in one, and I stayed up until 4am reading the first three quarters of it because I couldn’t put it down! I don’t usually resonate with characters when they are going through spooky, supernatural/paranormal type stuff. Often I get put off by all the unbelievable aspects. However, I really loved the way this story went, it was paranormal and creepy.

Selkie was an great character. So damaged and seemingly quite fragile, yet she had a huge inner strength. At the beginning I found it hard to believe that she conducted seminars and was a motivational speaker, however as the story progressed I could understand the almost completely different persona she had, and that her work was an outlet for something within her. I really enjoyed Selkie’s romantic escapades in this book. I wont give out any spoilers, but the main love interest was a great character, and the tension was palpable. I can’t wait to see how things progress in the second book!

I really enjoyed reading about all the other characters too, poor Selkie has some terrible men in her life, and some fabulous ones. I adored Derek and Nigel I loved to hate her ex husband and I want to see if anything more happens with him in subsequent books. Some of the characters have an almost unexplainable depth to them. Something incredibly raw.

King did a wonderful job writing this novel. Its extremely descriptive, without crossing the “too descriptive” line. It was easy to read and even easier to get swept up in. The twists and turns were unexpected and it was so completely unlike anything I have ever read before!

The ending I found a bit strange, a bit primeval almost… However when you read the first chapter of book 2 it makes sense and paves way to a new mystery. Otherwise there really wasn’t much to criticise about this book. It was just so refreshingly different!

Would I recommend The First Lie?

Absolutely! Even non-paranormal mystery fans will appreciate the enjoyable originality of this book! And if you are a paranormal mystery fan, you are in for a real treat!

Many thanks to author Virginia King for asking me to be part of this blog tour and providing me with a copy of The First Lie in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars (5 / 5)



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Virginia KingVirginia King Portrait by Amanda Thorson 200 KB

When a voice wakes you up in the middle of the night and tells you to write a mystery series what’s a writer to do? That’s how Virginia King came to create Selkie Moon, after a massage from a strange woman with gifted hands was followed by this nocturnal message. Virginia sat down at the keyboard until Selkie Moon turned up. All she had to do was jump, the first sentence said. Soon Virginia was hooked, exploring far-flung places full of secrets where Selkie delves into psychological clues tangled up in the local mythology.

Before Selkie Moon invaded her life, Virginia had been a teacher, an unemployed ex-teacher, the author of over 50 children’s books, an audio-book producer, a workshop presenter and a prize-winning publisher. These days she lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney with her husband, where she disappears each day into Selkie Moon’s latest mystery. Bliss.

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  1. I just came across your blog. Your reviews are so fine (professional touch) and give detailed insights of the book. Since you give info about purchasing the book, about author etc so I can question you being biassed but no doubt about quality of your reviews. Fine Blog!

    1. Hi Talha 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! I can assure you that my reviews are entirely honest, regardless if I include author information or not. If an author has gifted me a book that I don’t like, I tell them I do not like it and don’t post the review at all. It’s hard enough for authors as it is without a popular negative review turning people off. They say sometimes that any publicity is good publicity – I don’t believe this is the case if you are an unknown author who depends on positive reviews to get readers! There have been numerous times I have informed the author that I cannot give their book any more than two stars, and have declined to post a review.

      However, if I spend money and purchase a book I will give 1 or 2 stars if I feel it deserves it, however honestly I am unlikely to finish a book that I am not enjoying, and I never review or rate a book unless I finish it. So it is rare for me to give 1 or 2 stars.

      I include purchase information because statistics show if you have a link on your page then and there, people are likely to click and buy. If they have to search for it, they might not bother. I am in support of authors. I am not affiliated with anyone, I don’t receive ANY commission or bonuses of ANY kind for referring people to the sales link. I generally spend my own time finding the link on amazon/kobo etc and posting it up for everyone.

      Thanks again for your message! I am glad that you have enjoyed my reviews, and hope I have answered any queries you may have had 🙂

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