The Fold – Peter Clines (Audio Version)

The Fold

The Fold: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

The fold is another great science fiction/horror by Peter Clines. It is a stand alone novel but if you have read his previous novel “14” you will be pleasantly surprised by some merging stories and characters.

Mike Erikson likes to think of himself as a normal guy… Your average high school teacher. However he has a special ability, a eidetic memory. He is able to remember everything he has ever seen or heard, replaying it exactly like it just happened. His old friend Reggie convinces him to come and work for him, assessing a top secret project. A group of scientists and computer experts have created a doorway that “folds” time and space. Those who walk through the doorway are teleported to a matching doorway somewhere else. However, the doorway isn’t quite what it seems…

I have read some reviews of this book who loved it up until the last third or so of the book, saying that it takes a strange turn and becomes unrecoverable. In some ways I tend to agree. However I suppose because I read 14 (which does the EXACT same thing) I was expecting the specific twists and turns. However I admit I preferred 14.

I enjoyed all the characters in The Fold, however they are quite a similar bunch to the characters in 14. The male main character Mike in The Fold bared some striking similarities in personality to Nate in 14, and the same for the female leading character Jamie, who was very similar to Veek. Arthur was similar to Tim, and the other secondary characters also bared similarities to their counterparts in 14. This wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that 14’s characters and storyline were superior. The endings of both were extremely similar and I just wish there was a bit more.

I loved the monsters and creatures in The Fold. They were a bit more detailed and gruesome than they were in 14 and I enjoyed that.

The romance in The Fold was a bit of a let down. I think it was just too similar to 14 because the characters were so alike… It just didn’t do it for me.

Overall I enjoyed the story. The story itself I give 3.5 Stars..


What jacked this review up to 4 Stars?? THE NARRATOR!!! Oh my GOSH Ray Porter is a FANTASTIC narrator!!! I am so amazed how good he is! Seriously, there is a reason why he won best narrator for 2015 in the audible awards! When you listen to him, its like you are listening to 12 different people. He is so amazingly talented! I want to go out now and get everything he has ever narrated and listen to it! I am going to miss his voice now I have listened to over 20 hours of him total!

Would I recommend it?

The story? Yes it was a good read, even if it takes you in places most people didn’t want to go towards the end. However the audio version was FANTASTIC despite the story, and I would recommend listening to it to anyone! I think especially those who are new to audio books and get annoyed with monotone narrators, because Ray Porter is NOT ONE!



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