The Servants of Twilight – Dean Koontz

the servants of twilight

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Silly me didn’t quite realise when I borrowed The Servants of Twilight audio book from the library that it was originally written in 1984. It’s almost as old as I am! I was wondering why nobody was using mobile phones and why the police and investigators were not exactly using the most advanced technology, when it suddenly hit me. DUR MEL! Anyway it was still a really great book. I was expecting more a horror story, instead it was an action packed suspenseful thriller!

Single mum Christine is living a quiet existence with her son Joey, until one day they are confronted by a ragged old woman in the car park of a shopping centre. Appearing harmless at first, the old woman makes small talk with the boy, and then things suddenly change when the hag becomes aggressive and announces that Joey has “GOT TO DIE!”. Unfortunately for Christine and Joey, this batty old woman is the head of a cult who now believes that her son is the Antichrist and will bring about the end of the world. And most of the members of the cult are shady characters with lots of murderous skills and are all absolutely OBSESSED with killing him. Suddenly they find themselves running for their lives. Like a cat and mouse! Christine enlists the help of Charlie, a private detective, as they attempt to escape death. And Joey couldn’t possibly be the Antichrist… Could he??

Talk about ACTION PACKED!!! After the scene is set, BOOM!! Its action scene after action scene, dodging bullets, running for their lives. Never a dull moment! Fabulous!

Loved the characters. Christine, Charlie and Joey were all written really well and I loved all the dialogue between them, especially 6 year old Joey. I even loved the dogs and the bad guys! Especially Grace.

I wasn’t expecting there to be much romance in this book so I LOVED that aspect of it, and one of the scenes was quite raunchy. I like that he managed to squeeze the romance in amongst all the thrills, and I always find the best romances (in books obviously, I doubt in real life) are the ones that spawn from a bit of action and suspense.

I probably would have rated this book higher if it wasn’t for the ending. I was really disappointed with the ending. I can’t really go into it more or I will spoil the story.

However, it was still a fabulous book to listen to! I loved the 80’s feel (once I realised what it was) and the action and suspense was all very exciting!

The audio version: Ok the ladies voice annoyed me a lot at first. A little too animated at times, and I really didn’t like her portrayal of the male characters. However, as for all other audio books, I soon became used to her voice and didn’t have a problem with it by the end.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! I think most thriller fans will enjoy this one!


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