To Die For – Linda Howard

To Die For (Blair Mallory #1) – Linda Howard (2004)

To die for

2 Stars (2 / 5)

Good audio funny romance” I asked Google… TO DIE FOR – LINDA HOWARD! Was an overwhelming response… Next time I won’t ask Google. This book started off well enough, I actually was enjoying it. And then it took a turn and couldn’t recover.

Blair Mallory is a confident blonde bombshell with an inner monologue to put any angsty teen to shame. She is a successful woman with her life nicely organised, running her own gym and driving her Mercedes convertible. Until someone who looks exactly like her is found dead outside her gym. Then she soon realises someone is out to kill her. Enter lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth, to help her find the killer, and of course re-ignite some mega sparks that he has with Blair left over from a few years earlier.

So, I enjoyed the first few hours of the audio version. I quite liked the narrator and the cute southern drawl. I enjoyed the banter between the characters and even though it was corny, I was enjoying the story and Blair’s character. That is, until she got together with her man and all of a sudden it became the most annoying thing I’ve ever listened to. No woman complains that much. Her stupid and pathetic behaviour was laughable, yet I found myself listening on because I wanted to know who was out to get her.

And then, when we finally do discover the perpetrator, it was the biggest and stupidest climax to a book I can remember reading (or listening to in this case). I literally cringed! Ekk! Yet if the book had just cut out about 3 hours of her jabbering about her stupid thoughts, I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

And Ms Howard! What on earth was with the sexism?? It was everywhere! So painful. This one was a definite miss from me.

Would I recommend To Die For?

Nope, some of her others are much better!

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