It’s a Little Baby – Julia Donaldson

It’s a Little Baby – Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb (Illustrator)

It's a Little Baby

One of the best things about having a book blog is the opportunity to review new children’s books with my son! Oliver has only recently turned 2 years old, and he loves to read! (I wonder where he gets that from..?) We read together numerous times every day and he just loves turning the pages and attempting to mimic the words when I say them.image

It’s a Little Baby is an absolutely delightful lift the flap book with gorgeous illustrations and a cute poem/song that my son just adores!

“Somebody’s hiding. I wonder who. It’s a little baby and he’s waving at you.” The babies do different things on each page under the flap, such as waving or clapping, and the child is asked to mimic the actions of the baby. It is accompanied by a song online that is available through the website or by scanning the QR code on the back cover.

Oliver has so much fun pulling the flap and seeing what the little baby is doing! He constantly yells “BABY” when he pulls the flap to see the baby. He also loves the illustrations of the dog, cat, and other animals that are throughout the pages, and he enjoys pointing, waving and dancing with the babies. He likes the accompanying song and dances and twirls aroimageund the room whenever I play it. It is his go-to book at the moment and is constantly produced whenever I ask him to “grab a book to read”.

From my perspective I think its adorable. The baby illustrations are so cute and I really love seeing how much fun my son has with it. My son is slightly behind in his speech, so I love anything that encourages him to say words and copy actions. This book is now known as the “baby book”!

Would I recommend “It’s a Little Baby”?

Absolutely! I have no doubt that any young child will love this book with the fun rhymes, gorgeous illustrations and fun book flaps revealing cute little babies! The only thing that I don’t like about it is that I have to read it to him at least 20 times a day!

5 Stars (5 / 5)

No hesitation! 5 Stars! Fantastic book!

Many thanks to PanMacmillan Australia for a copy of It’s a Little Baby in exchange for an honest review from Oliver and myself.

Release Date Australia: 23rd February 2016

Release Date UK: 11th February, 2016


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Julia DonaldsonABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Julia Donaldson is the outrageously talented, prize-winning author of the world’s best-loved picture books, and was the 2011-2013 UK Children’s Laureate. Her books include What the Ladybird Heard and What the Ladybird Heard Next, Tyrannosaurus Drip and the modern classic The Gruffalo, which has sold over 13.5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over sixty languages. Julia also writes fiction as well as poems, plays and songs and her brilliant live children’s shows are always in demand.

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Rebecca Cobb is rapidly establishing herself as one of the most talented names in picture books. Since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 2004 she has published a number of well-received books with Macmillan, including the heart-breakingly beautiful Missing Mummy and the critically acclaimed Aunt Amelia.

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No Rain Today – Kristen Iten

No Rain Today

No Rain Today

5 Stars (5 / 5)

I love finding books to read with my son. Being 2 years old now, he is beginning to understand and comprehend the meaning of books a lot more, and he just LOVED No Rain Today!

No Rain Today is the story of a little cloud who got very upset because nobody liked his rain. Not the squirrels, or the cats. And even all the little children stay inside because they don’t like it when he rains on them. So he decides to hold in his rain to make everybody happy. But it has some unexpected consequences.

First of all I thought the illustrations in this book were just divine! The cats and the squirrels were especially cute and I think the illustrator David Overholt is extremely talented!

My son absolutely loved the little cloud! I loved watching him react to the illustrations! He was very upset to see when the cloud was upset, and he loved the animals and the little girl! And he was super cute trying to say “Umbrella”.

I really enjoyed the positive message this book conveys! I took it as the importance of being yourself and not holding back, but there are also many other subtle meanings such as the importance and beauty of rain, that playing outside, even in the rain can be a lot of fun, and I am sure that “don’t hold in your rain” can also be a metaphor for “Don’t hold in your pee!” I will be sure to use this as we toilet train!

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely for any toddler, or young child. We had a lot of fun reading this book together!

Many thanks to author Kristen Iten for a copy of this book for my son and I to review!



As founder of k10conceptions, Kristen works tirelessly to produce high quality children’s literature. As a child she experienced firsthand the wonder that is a parent reading to their child. Now as a mother herself, she has committed to providing unique stories that parents around the globe will use to build lasting family memories of their own.

Kristen started her writing career as a freelance writer. Most of her time was spent writing informativKristen Itene nonfiction content. “That was pretty unfulfilling on a creative level,” she remarked. “There was the satisfaction of a job well done when I would finish a piece, but as a whole, the job became such drudgery that I began to question whether or not I even enjoyed writing.”

She soon realized that she was writing the wrong kind of material. “When I switched over and began to write from the imagination things really began to pop!” Kristen is now a successful author with several children’s books awaiting release. She manages k10conceptions and is working to build a vibrant community on facebook that supports parents in their efforts to find creative and developmental playtime activities for their children.


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