Dinosaur Roar The Tyrannosaurus Rex – Jeanne Willis

Dinosaur Roar The Tyrannosaurus Rex (The World of Dinosaur Roar Book #1)

Dinosaur Roar

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Now, my son loves dinosaurs. Yes, I know a lot of 3 year old kids love dinosaurs. But my son LOVES dinosaurs.

He only wants to wear dinosaur clothes, dinosaur socks, and dinosaur shoes… He takes two toy dinosaurs with him wherever he goes, and goes up to random people saying “This is my tyrannosaurus! This is my spinosaurus!” “Look, this is my allosaurus!”.  He constantly corrects me if I get my dinosaurs wrong, because “Mummy you don’t know dinosaurs, that’s a VELOCIRAPOR!”. He has a giant blue dinosaur skeleton next to his bed that takes up half his bedroom, and only wants to watch dinosaur movies/tv shows. He is dinosaur MAD!

So Pan Macmillan must have had a clairvoyant moment when they sent me this book.

Dinosaur Roar – The tyrannosaurus rex, is part of the Dinosaur Roar series. I guess its like a spin off from the original and much loved (especially in our dinosaur house) classic Dinosaur Roar. Its set in the World Of Dinosaur Roar.

Dinosaur Roar the Tyrannosaurus Rex obviously loves to roar. Loudly. This delightful little book introduces some other characters, Dinosaur Munch, Dinosaur Boo, Dinosaur Squeak and Dinosaur Honk, when Dinosaur Roar interacts with them, or roars at them really. It also has a section at the end with facts about the tyrannosaurus rex.

Did we enjoy Dinosaur Roar – The Tyrannosaurus Rex?

This book is cute and perfect for my 3 year old with its rhyming and beautiful colourful illustrations of the different dinosaurs. My son just adores this book, and this, and the other books we have in the dinosaur boo series, are among the most requested books in his collection. He loves pointing out how the tyrannosaurus rex has sharp teeth and tiny little hands, and calls him the LIZARD KING! He knows almost all of the words off by heart now.

I think this book is really cute. However, the story just doesn’t flow quite as easily as the others in the series, and out of the series it is my least favourite. However it’s not up to me! My son loves it! And that’s all that matters.

Big dinosaur thanks to Pan Macmillan and the author for sending me a copy of Dinosaur Roar – The Tyrannosaurus rex for my son and I to read and enjoy together. And for bringing a HUGE smile to his face!

You can purchase Dinosaur Roar the Tyrannosaurus rex HERE or leading children’s books retailers.

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