Yeager’s Law – Scott Bell

Yeagers Law

4.25 Stars (4.25 / 5)

I really enjoyed this book. It is up there as one of the better books I’ve read this year! I thought it was fantastic!

Yeager is a truck driver with some serious ex-marine, beat-up-the-bad-guys skills. So when the lovely Charlie randomly saves his life from a man with a grudge, besotted Yeager agrees to drive and pick up a load of books for her bookstore. However Charlie’s ex husband is playing her, and its not only books that Yeager picks up and brings to Charlie. Suddenly he has a bunch of bad guys after him, a drug cartel to somehow outfight, and a certain young ladies life to save!

Loved it! What a fabulous action packed read! I LOVED the action scenes! Lots of violence, blood and gore! Thought it was fantastic! There was one cringe worthy scene in particular which I won’t spoil for you, but I LOVED it! OUCH!

The characters were so likeable! Yeager! What a character! I thought he was fantastic. In the book he is described as having a Russell Crow vibe. I didn’t exactly picture him like that. In my mind perhaps I had a more Gerard Butler type in my mind… I guess they look kind of similar. Anyway he was awesome none the less! And I really liked Charlie, she is a feisty independent woman with a cute son and a dickhead of an ex husband. She was classy yet tough. Loved the secondary characters too. Victor and Cujo were awesome! Loved Victor in the action scenes! And Nina! What a piece of work she was! I thought she was a great character.

The tension and budding relationship with Charlie and Yeager was a highlight of the book for me. I love a bit of romance in a story and this did not disappoint. It was sexy without being overly graphic and the chemistry between the characters just worked.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about this novel to be honest. I didn’t quite buy Yeager as a broke truck driver, although I’m not sure exactly why. I enjoyed how each chapter was written according to place and not character. I found it to be written very well overall.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! Yeager’s Law is a fun ride for all action/thriller/romantic suspense fans!

Many thanks to author Scott Bell for a review copy.


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